Suara / Nurvous / Click Records / Discow / Dear Deer Records

Th;en, is an Producer and DJ-Team that’s composed of the two guys Thorsten Schuth & Vincenzo Giocchino. Both artists connects already for many years a close friendship and the passion for electronic music. You could say it was probably fate, that once, common projects are following, but first they were on their own musictrip.
Both were hailed as international acts, estimated as a resident DJ, produced and published successfully.
In 2013 time was ready, the launch of the joint cooperation as DJ Act – Th;en- was fallen and one year later, both started their own label – Discow –. Since that time, tight and soulful Housemusic is “rolling” from that guys. Only to name a few, they published their tracks at strong lables such as “Suara” or “Dear Deer Records”. Currently, the common track “Orange” with Teenage Mutants stands at “Click Records” in the Top 20 of the Deep House charts on Beatport. So the two guys from Th;en and Discow are “open minded” and go ahead with much passionate skill and inspire the ever-growing community of fans with their cool sounds