11 Off

Unclosed Records / Voyeur Music / Red Delicious / Catamount Records


11.OFF, duo composed of Madrid DJs, producers and promoters Koke and Juan de Urtrilla. Two electronic music enthusiasts whose positions, over time, have grown closer together until coinciding in music with deep roots, quality and a highly emotional component. Due to their musical expertise in their sessions, numerous styles can be heard which are skilfully brought and taken to the dance floor.
Separately they have been creating their own parties for more than 10 years (Basstard, Wax, Discode, etc…) and are regulars of Madrid’s club scene.
Currently they are focused on music production and have edited with labels from various countries such as Unclosed Records (ES), Voyeur Music (ES), Red Delicious (MEX) y Catamount Records (USA).
Their podcasts and collaboration with diverse radiophone media such as Ibiza Fraile Radio, Natural Selekted, Vip Radio Extremadura, Radio Patio and Sons Of Music (Berlin and Stockholm), where once a month their sessions can be heard.